Cannabis Industrie Podcast #2 With Andrew Arnett [Podcast]

This episode is in English. Discussed in this podcast: The earlier website of our founder Mauro Picavet, The Stoned Society. New York, Rick Doblin, cannabis in Vietnam, Harry Anslinger, the opium trade, Dana Beal, Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari, Ibogaine, Joep Oomen, Black Lives Matter, US presidential elections in November, synthetic cannabis in Turkey, corona crisis, death of Jules Stobbs, United Nations, John Boehner, and much much more.

Listen to the Podcast here.

Snakes In Space And Other Anomalies [Arnett Files]

You’ve heard of Snakes On A Plane? Well let me hit you with something different – how about snakes in space? No, I’m not talking about a film sequel starring Samuel L. Jackson. I’m talking about actual snakes, or something akin to them, floating up there in the stratosphere and beyond . . . read more.

Aleister Crowley, Elisa Lam, And Secrets Of The Cecil Hotel [Paranoia #66]

Plenty has been said and written about the Cecil Hotel and for good reason — the place is an incomparable vortex of malignant evil. In its day, this Los Angeles hotel has been home to several serial killers, and within its walls, host to a litany of gruesome murders and suicides. Residents who were passed over by the grim reaper fared little better, as their lives were often afflicted by poverty, addiction, prostitution and hopelessness . . . read more!